Macs Hop Rocker Pilsener

Macs Hop Rocker Pilsener, from the Macs Brewery in New Zealand, was beer number 59 of the epic list. I tried this beer a few months ago and loved it, and while I’ve tasted some more interesting and well crafted pilsners since then, this beer still proves a popular choice to help battle the summer heat. Luckily for me it’s becoming much easier to find in Brisbane, and as such is now a regular member of my beer fridge (this is the last one left from my most recent six-pack)


The bottle says:
This beer has a pull-tab cap – in my mind, any drink that has a pull-tab cap is automatically seen as fun (that’s why I like Bundaberg Ginger beer so much!). The design of both the bottle and the label is very cool, and it definitely stands out from the crowded bottle shop shelf. The back of the label talks about how the use of local New Zealand hops (Nelson Sauvin and NZ Grown Cascade) give this beer it’s name (Hop Rocker!) and unique flavour.

First Half:
The colour is light straw and very clear, with a fluffy white head. There’s a green tinge to the body, but this may be because I’m enjoying the beer in my garden. The aroma starts with some sweet malt backed up by whispers tropical passionfruit and tangy lime from the hops. Everything about the flavour feels sweet; the malt is light and biscuity and the hops are very reminiscent of the tropical fruits found in a NZ Sauvignon Blanc. The flavour then washes away and seems to pause for a second, before a pleasant bitterness begins humming in the background. Bizarrely this bitterness seems to have a sweet quality too…

Second Half:
It was difficult letting this beer warm; it’s a hot day and this beer is far too refreshing to let it just sit there. The things I do…
The aroma has lost some sweetness, replaced by some extra citrus tang. The taste hasn’t changed much, but the body of the beer has become much more slippery. It was soft before, now its silky. The second half doesn’t last long, but the aftertaste stays with you into the evening (or until you pour the next one).

Final Thoughts:
This is another beer that suits the Aussie summer perfectly. Anyone who enjoys a good NZ wine should find something to enjoy in this beer, as will anyone who enjoys the crisp refreshment of lagers. It’s not going to blow your mind, but does everything that a pilsener should do with a refreshing tropical twist.


Love it? Hate it? Just want to drink it? Leave a comment below

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