A sure fire way for Aussie craft brewers to get themselves some FREE advertising!

Yep, you read the title correctly…FREE ADVERTISING!!

I hear what you’re saying – this has to be a scam, possibly Nigerian. Well I can assure you, this is no scam.

Just follow these 4x simple steps and you too can find yourself with a fantastic commercial circulating the internet, helping to spread the word of your product and of great Australian craft beer.

Step 1:  Find a university student who’s their Masters of Digital Design, and has to find inspiration for a major assignment

Step 2:  Make sure the university student also has a friend who is passionate about quality Australian craft beer

Step 3:  Have the university student film the passionate beer fan enjoying some quality Australian craft beer (preferably your own product, of course)

Step 4:  Have the university student spend a few lonely nights in the computer lab working feverishly to create something of beauty, and…

VOILÀ! Your finished advertisement

Now just place your shiny new add on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and watch your sales skyrocket. Your company becomes more successful, the uni student gets an A+, and the passionate craft beer fan continues to enjoy their Australian craft beer…EVERYBODY WINS!

The above vid was made by a good friend of mine, Oliver Fernandez. Thanks also goes to Kooinda Boutique Brewery for brewing such fantastic beer and sharing Oli’s work with their followers, Archive Beer Boutique for the use of their couches and providing the beer (all four Kooinda brews in one ice bucket, nice!), and of course to the devilishly handsome star of the commercial…


Love it? Hate it? Just want to drink it? Leave a comment below

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