Murphy’s Irish Stout

I’ve been a bit quiet on the ol’ blog lately, unfortunately real work has been getting in the way. I also feel like I’ve been a bit distracted from my main task of trying the 1001 beers off the epic list. This isn’t entirely a bad thing, since it’s been fantastic Aussie craft beer causing the distraction. So back to the task at hand – beer number 103 off the epic list is the Irish stalwart, Murphy’s Irish Stout


The bottle says:
The can is the same colour as the beer – cream and black, but with the colour dominance reversed. It’s pretty sparse of fun stories or facts about the brewery. It mentions the registered ‘draughtflow’ nitrogen widget, a magical little invention that gives the beer its soft and smooth body…but only to say that the nitrogen widget is removed prior to recycling. I guess it’s important for big corporations to show an environmental conscience.

First Half:
It pours like chocolate milk swirling in a maelstrom of darkness, which settles into a black body. The head is creamy in colour, creamy in texture, and thick enough to write messages in. It doesn’t smell like much, as if the thick head is trapping all the aromas in the glass. The taste is great for the first few seconds – it’s sooo creamy, and the first flavour I get is milk chocolate followed by some roasty malt. Then it goes downhill, finishing with a smoked taste that reminds me of artificial smoked ham…it’s not great. The texture is still smooth, but the flavour really isn’t.

Second Half:
The body has now become thin and watery, which doesn’t match the flavour and ruins the overall experience. There’s still no noticeable aroma, but there is an ungodly tang in the taste that rolls into the same artificial smoke flavour that’s haunted me from the start. There’s no lasting aftertaste, but this could be seen as a good thing. At least it still looks good…

Final Thoughts:
I’ve never had a good beer that came out of a can, and this fact remains unchanged. To be fair though, drinking Murphy’s Irish Stout out of a can may not have been the best way to experience it…some folk may even see this act as pure blasphemy. Oh well, just another beer to go on the list of ‘need to try it fresh on tap in its home country’.


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