The Worlds Best Beers (as judged by Hahn Super Dry)

A friend of mine just sent me a Facebook message asking my opinion on a list of the ‘worlds best beers’, as judged by…wait for it…Hahn Super Dry. WTF?! Not expecting anything special, I clicked on the link to see what the people behind one of Australia’s favorite ‘low carb’ beers considered to be a good drop. You can check out the list here

Most would agree that it’s not a bad list at all, and it’s great to see some locals making the cut. Hats off to Hahn Super Dry for advertising the goodness of some other beer styles, I must say I’m impressed.

I’ve had 4 of the 8 beers on the list, 2 of which are from the epic list:

1. Burleigh Hef: (from the list)You can pick this up at BWS, so if you haven’t tried it get some now. It’s a gold coast brew, and a personal summer favorite

2. Holgate Temptress: A chocolate porter, and I mean a CHOCOLATE porter. If you can find it on tap somewhere (even better, on a hand pump) then its a must try. Luscious and luxurious like the finest hot chocolate, except it’s cold and beery

3. Feral Hop Hog: This is how the West Coast does an IPA, I just wish it was easier to find over this side of the country. Very approachable as far as IPA’s go, which lends itself to sessions by the beach appreciating life’s wonders

4. Brooklyn Lager: (from the list)The only foreign beer from the list that I’ve tried. Nothing mind blowing, it’s a solid example of a Vienna lager. Try it if you find it, but don’t go out of your way (see my drinking notes on it here)

I’ll need to track down the other 4 to pass judgement. The Rodenbach Grand Cru is also on the epic list, and the Hop Henge looks extremely tempting…


2 thoughts on “The Worlds Best Beers (as judged by Hahn Super Dry)

  1. Awesome to see Aussie beers on the list. I’m pretty keen to give that Feral Hop Hog IPA a go. I’ve only recently discovered IPA (With the one by Sierra Nevada) and liked it. And I should really make an effort to go down and check out the Berleigh brewery since I live on the Gold Coast.

  2. I really wonder what the criteria was to decide the list. Many awesome brews (Oz and foreign) seem to have been omitted. Surprised to see so many from Oz on the list.

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