Drinking Notes: The Restructure

Hi beery folk,

This is just a quick note to let everyone know that change is on the way! Nothing too drastic, simply a restructure of my ‘drinking notes’ template. The catalyst for  this was some positive feedback from my recent Little Creatures Single Batch series, however it’s something that has been coming for a while now.

Long story short, I felt under pressure to find flavours in beer, both while cold and after it had warmed (the First and Second halves). If I couldn’t find anything special, or couldn’t detect a difference between the first and second halves, I’d feel as if I’d failed! It’s a ridiculous feeling to get from drinking good beer, but it was preventing me from just enjoying my beer quest. At the end of the day, drinking beer is supposed to be fun, and I just wasn’t enjoying it like I should’ve been.

So, the restructured Drinking Notes template will be simplified too:

What’s in the name?: which basically covers the same stuff as the old ‘The Bottle Says’ section; label, name, funny quotes on bottle etc.

What’s in the bottle?: pretty obvious really. What was previously in the First Half and Second Half sections will be combined here, allowing me more freedom to simply call is as I taste it.

Final thoughts: are still my final thoughts.

I hope you all enjoy the new posts; it should mean that the new posts start appearing much more regularly (I need to stop being such a lazy blogger!)


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