A curious beer tour of NYC: pre-planning

New York; concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do. Now you’re in New York, the streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you… If the beautiful Alicia Keys is to be believed, then a visit to this city will propel my humble beer blog through the stratosphere (I’m thinking my own international beer-travel show would be nice). There’s one problem – I don’t even know where to begin my beer tour of NYC!. I’m concerned that my country town (aka Brisbane) mindset will be totally overwhelmed by a bombardment lights, sound, and choices, and suffer some style of ale induced breakdown…


My plan was to focus my attention on bars and bottle shops near my hotel in Chelsea, but now that I’ve looked into it, it seems like a shame to limit myself to such a small area. The new plan is to just go with the amber-flow. From what I can tell, everywhere I turn I should be within reaching distance of quality ale. We’ll be doing our best to explore as much of the city as possible, so I’ll probably be tripping over good beer spots on the regular.

In saying that, I’ve still managed to identify a few places that I might got out of my way to look for:


Blind Tiger Ale House: This bar seems to be mentioned on most websites as the best place to get a beer in Manhattan. I look forward to finding out if it lives up to the hype

The Ginger Man: ‘New and unique’ brews on tap and an extensive bottle list (including a few Coopers brews if I’m feeling homesick) Could be worth a visit, even if it’s just to pick up a souvenir (check out their website, the growlers look awesome!)

The Birreria at Eataly: This one is literally a stone’s throw from my hotel. I’m a big fan of the short lived Discovery Channel series ‘Brewmasters’, and a visit here will be just like stepping into the final episode

East Village: I know, it’s an area of Manhattan, not a bar. But it does seem to have a number of good beer places in close proximity (Hop Devil Grill, Proletariat, the Belgian Room), so a stroll down St Marks Pl might be on the cards.


Chelsea Brewing Company: doubtful that I’ll find any beers from the list there, but it looks like a swanky spot to sip some beers

Brooklyn Brewery: If we make it to Brooklyn, then this is a must for me. I’ve already tasted their Brooklyn Lager, and have a bottle of Black Chocolate Stout and Local 1 in the fridge. Seems only right that I pay a visit and thank them in person.


There doesn’t seem to be any noteworthy bottle shops within walking distance of my hotel (none that appear on any of the beer sites I visited anyway). I’m sure I’ll find one nearby, but whether it has the plethora of choices that I was hoping for? Who knows…

Oh and there’s one more small detail I should mention…


…plans surrounding that event might require a separate post though.

Am I on the right track with these ideas? Have I missed anything important? Let me know in the suggestions below. I’ll be taking a nil response as a positive indicator that the above plans are perfection… 🙂 haha

The mind blowing photo of time square is courtesy of Josh Libatique


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