A curious beer tour of Boston: pre-planning

When I think Boston, I think beer. I have no idea why though? Maybe it has something to do with the Sam Adams Boston Lager being prevalent in Australian bottle shops? Whatever the reason, I plan on getting seriously beery in this city.

We’re spending 3 nights here, and the basic itinerary is as follows; spend one day doing the Freedom trail and downtown Boston/Back Bay, and another day traipsing around Harvard and it’s surrounds. Plus we have tickets to see the Boston Celtics take on the Golden State Warriors, which should give us a fair idea of just how sports mad this city supposedly is. So here’s my beer outlook so far.

Jacob Wirth: “A Boston favourite since 1868” If that’s not a good enough reason to visit, then I don’t know what is? (Ok, the 5 min walk is a definite bonus). Lot’s of beers and plenty of good looking food could make this a dinner stop one night.

Bukowski Tavern: With two locations, both of which fall within our general areas of exploration (Back Bay and Cambridge), I’m hoping to visit at least one of them. They have a ‘beer book’ on their website, with lots of beers that also appear in my beer book – how perfect is that?!

Lower Depths: Also located in Back Bay. Also has an awesome beer list on the website. Looks like my Back Bay adventure could get a little sideways…

Harpoon Brewery/Samuel Adams Brewery: Both of these rate highly on my radar; Sam Adams because thats all I know of Boston so far, and the harpoon Brewery because it rates pretty highly on the sites I’ve viewed. Unfortunately both are a bit of a hike from where I’ll be, and in different directions. It might be a ‘right place right time’ situation that judges if I visit either of these.

Boston Beer Works: Just around the corner from TD Garden, so this could be my choice for pre-game drinks. Or after-game celebrations. Or both…

Boston Wine Exchange: Sure, it’s got wine in the name instead of beer. But it’s a 6 min walk from my room…perfect

Am I on the right track with these ideas? Have I missed anything important? Let me know in the suggestions below. I’ll be taking a nil response as a positive indicator that the above plans are perfection… 🙂 haha


One thought on “A curious beer tour of Boston: pre-planning

  1. I’d skip Jacob Wirth’s and Boston Beer Works. Downtown, Stoddard’s Pub is top notch; I would also try to get over to Kendall Square in Cambridge (2 subway stops from downtown Boston) for Cambridge Brewing Company (great Belgians), Lord Hobo (curated selection) and Meadhall (100 taps). Deep Ellum in Allston also has a great bottle & tap list (Lower Depths, Bukowski & Deep Ellum all share a common lineage). Boston Wine Exchange works for a bottle shop, or Streetcar Wines in Jamaica Plain or Craft Beer Cellar in Belmont (a bit of a trek outside the City, but doable with a car). For breweries, I might skip Sam Adams, but Harpoon just opened a new Beer Hall. Also, if you have a car, or don’t mind a subway-to-bus-to-urban-renewal, Night Shift Brewing and Idle Hands Beer in Everett are two nanobreweries doing some outstanding things – check their websites for hours in advance. Cheers, and feel free to drop me a line for any other thoughts.

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