A curious beer tour of Philadelphia: pre-planning

The city of Philadelphia is the third stop on our North America adventure, but we’re only using it as a stopover on the way to Boston. There’s two reasons that we chose to do this.
1. The train ride from DC to Boston is about 8 hours…not happening.
2. I really, REALLY want a Philly cheesesteak (I’m thinking a ‘provolone wit’, but happy to take suggestions)

We’re only going to be in the city for 19 hours, most of which will be consumed by my search for the previously mentioned cheesesteak. As far as beer goes, I’m taking the guess work out by doing the ‘Philly on Tap’ tour by Intrepid’s Urban Adventures. You can check the website for a full rundown, but basically we’ll be spending at least two hours with a guide who’ll show us the craft beer side of the city. If this doesn’t give me all the info I need to find what I want, then I’ll be very disappointed.

I’ve still done a little research into the local beer scene, and I must say I’m disappointed that I didn’t realise what a great beer city Philly was before booking our travel. It seems like the kind of place that a beer nerd could get lost in for a few days at least. Oh well, just another excuse to come back again one day.

Am I on the right track with these ideas? Have I missed anything important? Let me know in the suggestions below. I’ll be taking a nil response as a positive indicator that the above plans are perfection… 🙂 haha


4 thoughts on “A curious beer tour of Philadelphia: pre-planning

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  2. Since I’m from South Philly I would lean towards Pat’s, Geno’s or Tony Luke’s myself for a great cheesesteak. Your right about Philly being a great beer city. If you had more time I would buy you a Golden Monkey at Victory in Downingtown (about an hour west of the city) but maybe next time. Enjoy the beer and the city.

    • Thanks for the heads up! I’ve checked out Monk’s website, and yeah if I’m around the area I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks for the cheese steak advice too, great to get a local opinion

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