A curious beer tour of…the rest

I’m the first to admit that my time management skills are lacking.

It’s 5pm the night before we leave for our North America adventure. I haven’t finished packing yet. In fact I’m sitting in my local shopping centre waiting for my clothes to be delivered from the dry cleaners. So the time for pre-planning is over, as it’s time to put these plans into action.

This means I wasn’t able to post my plans on the other cities I’m visiting – Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City (yep, missed Canada completely) and finally Chicago. All these cities look to have a pretty good beer scene and I’ve got some plans for each (except Ottawa, I really need some help with Ottawa…). If anyone out there has any suggestions in these cities, please feel free to let me know.

To say I’m excited is an understatement. Nothing to do now but hop on a plane…and get my clothes from the dry cleaners…and pack…

18 hours until take off

Wish me luck


6 thoughts on “A curious beer tour of…the rest

  1. Excellent trip. Familiar with all your cities but don’t have recommendations for all of them. Nonetheless, Dieu de Ciel is the altar in Montreal, seek out St. Ambroise beers in Quebec. Chicago has outstanding bars & restos. Au Cheval & The Publican are my favorites for food & beer; Local Option and Bangers & Lace for bars. Map Room, Watershed also good. Off to a nice start in NYC. Have fun. Cheers!

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