Toronto Debrief: Part Two – Redemption

As I outlined in part one, my initial view of beer in Toronto, and of Toronto in general, was bleak.
Thankfully by day three we’d gotten out of our funk, and we were determined to see the good side of Toronto that we knew had to exist somewhere. So our quest began – here’s how day three made us love Toronto:


The entrance to C'est What and the Craft Beer prayer

– For breakfast, we discovered Tim Hortons, and the best breakfast sandwich IN THE WORLD (sausage and cheese on a ‘biscuit) This became a staple of our Canadian diets.
– We then climbed the CN Tower. Pretty standard as far as spectacular views go. Lake Onatario is HUGE
– For lunch, we sought out a bar I’d found during my research phase called Bar Hop Bar. This place came SO CLOSE to being a lowlight; after exchanging pleasantries with our waitress, we overheard this exchange at the bar:

Waitress to men sitting at the bar: “We’ve got a couple of Australians down there”
Men sitting at bar: “Haha, they’re going to be mighty disappointed when they find out we don’t serve Fosters! Haha”

Feeling that I needed to defend the honour of my homeland, I decided that I’d order the most interesting beer on tap that day, which I decided was the Durham County Black Eye Black IPA off the cask. Tara backed me up by ordering a Black Oak Nut Brown Ale, and we advised the young lady that no one in Australia actually drinks Fosters. With a slightly red face, she smiled and took our orders to the kitchen. Luckily the food was fantastic, and the beer list was exceptional…and she gave us free tickets to the Ice Hockey Hall of Fame (I like to think this was her way of saying sorry)
– Visiting the Ice Hockey Hall of fame. Hard to grasp for Aussies, but this place was still pretty cool; I got to shoot some goals and play goalie alongside the other 10 year olds.

But the biggest highlight of the day was our walking tour, organised through Intrepids Urban Adventure Tours called ‘Beer makes history better’. We met our tour guide outside the Hockey Hall of Fame. After a quick intro and outline of the afternoon, he said the words I’d been waiting for…”well, I’ve been talking for too long. Let’s find a bar an get a beer!”.Yep, it was that kind of tour.
The tour consisted of a walk from the Hall of Fame to the Distillery District, visiting two bars (C’est What and Betty’s) and finishing at the Mill Street Brewery. Our tour guide was a card carrying beer geek, and he soon realised that I was too, so we spent more time talking beer in the bars than we did talking history outside. Along the way I imbibed a Caraway Rye Beer (brewed by C’est What themselves), a Amsterdam Brewing Co Boneshaker IPA, and a Mill Street Vanilla Porter (best beer I had in Toronto) At the Mill Street Brewery I got to sample the Original Organic Lager, the Tankhouse Ale and…most importantly…beer #129 off the list, the Mill Street Coffee Porter. Overall, not a bad way to finish my time in Toronto.


2 thoughts on “Toronto Debrief: Part Two – Redemption

  1. Not sure how I stumbled upon this, but just happen to be the waitress in your post. Enjoyed your recount of the day. Glad you were able to find some tasty beer in Toronto!

    • Wow, it really is a small world! We actually look back at that meal with fondness now, some of the best food we had in the trip. Thanks for the beer, and a special thank you for the Hockey Hall of Fame tickets!

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