Montreal Debrief: Part Two – Beers from the List

As was becoming a common occurrence, I enjoyed the beers from the epic list in the quiet solitude of my hotel room. However in Montreal I MAY have had a few drinks at a restaurant prior to trying these. So the drinking notes were a little…scattered…when I went over them. Here they are reproduced to the best of my sober ability.


The Canadian lineup

Unibroue Maudite (#131)

I don’t know what Maudite is – both the name and the beer inside the bottle have me guessing. It’s a Belgian style, so there’s the typical banana sweetness, it’s kind of dry, and spicy, and the alcohol gives it a kick. The wording on the label only describes the ‘warm mellowing effect’ that this beer gives, and I kind of get that. But it’s the carbonation that has my attention; it seems to burn the flavors of the side of the tongue and leaves a lasting ‘tingle’ rather than an aftertaste. This carbonation softens significantly towards the end of the glass, but I’m still at a loss with the exact flavors. I can confidently say that it’s tasty, so probably best to just try it for yourself.

Unibroue Blanch De Chambly (#132)

Spicier and sweeter, and just as Belgian. Finishes palate cleansingly dry. The sweet this time has a citrus kick, maybe some peach, and the spice shows some coriander. But again, I’m in more of a mood for enjoyment rather than analyses. And it is enjoyable…

Unibroue Trois Pistoles (#69)

No, that number isn’t a typo. I’ve had this once before at 5th Element in Brisbane, so it really is beer #69. It amazed me then, and it’s still amazing now. I swear I can smell fresh pineapple in there, which mixes surprisingly well with the dark caramel malt. It must be the strawberry jam flavors that hold everything together…wait, WTF?!

Coup de Grisou (#133)

Welcome to flavour country! Yes, you could say that that’s an odd comment after the previous three beers, but I promise you it’s valid. I liked the other three beers, a lot…but I love this one. This is a beer that speaks to me; the citrus tones aren’t second fiddle players, it’s more like fresh OJ. The spice isn’t a ‘slight hint’, instead almost burning the top of your mouth with buckwheat goodness. And it’s not the typical coriander spice, instead being more akin to ‘has someone put chilli in my OJ?‘ (I once made a cocktail like that). The body is light, even if light itself doesn’t penetrate through the body…it’s like a witbier made love to a DIPA. Or you could just say that it’s a traditional Belgian Wit that’s been turned up to 11. Either way, it’s pretty great.

So there you have it, a glimpse into how my mind works while under the influence. I should do this more…


Love it? Hate it? Just want to drink it? Leave a comment below

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