Brooklynites, Mountain Goats, and me

I was planning  on taking this weekend off, relaxing with a few fine brews without worrying about taking notes or writing  anything about them. You know, just chilling out…but now I’m furiously packing my bags, looking for my toothbrush, a notebook, and my best drinking boots. Arghh!!

You see, today is the day that I celebrate being on this planet for 29 years. A few weeks back my girlfriend told me to ‘…make sure you don’t have plans from the Friday until the Monday after your birthday, because I’m taking you away…’, so for these past few weeks I’ve been preparing myself for a romantic weekend getaway somewhere overlooking cool mountains or sunny beaches. You know, somewhere to just chill out.

That changed this morning when she told me where we were going for the weekend – Melbourne.

My initial thoughts were:

1. “Awesome, I love Melbourne. So many good beer spots and other fun stuff to do. Should be an awesome weekend

2. “Oh shit, doesn’t Good Beer Week start this weekend?! I’d better check that out…I wonder if I could sneak away to any events? Hmmm better not, wouldn’t be fair to ditch my girl after she’s gone to all this trouble. Oh well, so close yet so far…maybe next year

However, this afternoon she revealed the second part of my present. That’s right, a second part…and it requires a drum roll…


She also bought me a ticket to a Good Beer Week event! And not just any event…I have a ticket to GOOD BEER WEEK PRESENTS: THE BIG APPLE & THE GOAT!!!

One of the hottest events in the Good Beer Week calendar (because it takes up a full quarter page in the program) this event sees the crew from New Yorks Brooklyn Brewery team up with Melbourne’s own Mountain Goat Brewery to…brew beer, I think?! From what I can tell, we’re going to eat breakfast, then watch as these maestros of the brewing world create a collaborative beer, then have a degustation lunch, and (hopefully) drinks lots of good beer throughout the day.

So why am I writing about this now? Well, there are a few reasons. One: I’m still a little shocked that I actually get to attend Good Beer Week this year year at all; blogging about it makes it feel more real. Two: there are only 15 tickets to this full day event, and I have one of them so obviously I’m trying to make people just a bit jealous. Three: I’m obviously going to do a follow up post about how this amazing day goes, so lets just call this a good intro.

And don’t feel bad for my girlfriend because I’ll be spending a full day at a brewery – she’s already got her day planned out with shopping, shopping, and a little more shopping. She won’t even know I’m gone.

So now I really do need to go and pack. To the good people of Good Beer Week, the crews at Brooklyn and Mountain Goat, and the other lucky beer geeks I’ll be spending the day with…I’ll see you all on Saturday.


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