Quebec City Debrief

I’d better finish of my holiday debrief – after all, it was nearly 3 months ago, and I may be heading overseas again pretty soon…

Our final stop in Canada was Quebec City, and for me it was a blur of snow and fur (yep, fur…). I was getting tired by this stage as we’d been going pretty hard for over three weeks, and we had some big events booked in this city. So I was running on empty, and didn’t have much beer time. But in hindsight, we did have some simply amazing highlights:

– Spending a night in Hotel de Glace – Canada’s own Ice Hotel! A ridiculously cool experience (pun totally intended), this place is a living sculpture carved entirely out of ice. It even had an ice bar, where we drank ice cider out of ice glasses, then went to our ice room to sleep on our ice bed. Much comfier than you’d think.

– The mad rush of Dog sledding. I had this romantic vision of dog sledding, dogs gently pulling us through a flat, beautiful landscape which we could appreciate at a leisurely pace. I was wrong…dog sledding is intense! The dogs hammer along, continuously bark, fight, and go toilet right in front of the sled. And the landscape, while truly being beautiful, was also hilly and rugged, and we were almost thrown from the sled on more than one occasion (luckily we only crashed into a tree once) It was much more extreme than expected – and so much fun!!

– Traditional fine dining at the restaurant Aux Anciens Canadiens. I had the ‘Trois Filet Mignoin’ which was three tenderloins of Stag, Bison and Wapiti (aka elk…had to check Wikipedia for that) in a Cognac and Pink Peppercorn sauce. Devilishly decadent – those Quebecoise sure know how to eat.

– Exploring the streets of old Quebec…even if it was raining all day.

I didn’t have the time or energy to find any good beer bars in Quebec City. So in keeping with my Quebec theme, I hunted down a few more Unibroue beers to enjoy in my hotel room.


Unibroue Ephemere Pomme (Apple) (#134)

Take a Belgian Wit and a cider, mix them together and this is what you get. It has a dry finish with a little spice, typical of the belgian styling, but the usual citrus flavours have been replaced with granny smith apple. This is mixed up with some strawberry and McDonalds pickle (good old Bretanomyces again) with some candied apple in the finish. I like it because it’s a beer that has some cider like elements, but it’s still a beer. If it were a cider, I’d not enjoy it anywhere as much. I guess I’m just a big old drink bigot.

Unibroue La Fin Du Monde

I was certain that this was on the list. After all, it’s one of the most highly rated beers in the world (99 on But, it turns out it’s one of the only Unibroue beers not on the list. Oh well, while I’m on a Unibroue kick, might as well incude it…
I swear I could smell popcorn when I poured this, and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t cooking any at the time. This is a BIG beerI; I’m talking 9%ABV big, and it shows in the flavour. It’s not an especially intense brew, but it’s definitely complex. And personally, I feel like it gets lost in itself. Or perhaps I got lost in it…whatever. It’s nice, but it’s definitely my least favourite of the Unibroue brews I’ve had here. I’m probably going to need to take another crack at this one day, because I feel like I’m missing something here.


Love it? Hate it? Just want to drink it? Leave a comment below

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