Spending IPA Day with Australia’s Best!

Calling any beer is the ‘Best’ is a pretty audacious claim that’s almost guaranteed to attract some criticism. There’s just so many different styles and flavours of beer out there that comparison becomes near impossible. However, I can confidently state that the Feral Hop Hog IPA is the best beer in Australia. Period

How can I afford to be so damn bold? Easy…this beer really is the best. It grabbed the top spot in the Critics Choice countdown of 2012 and 2013. It’s consistently placed in the top 10 of the Local Taphouse Hottest 100, and snagged the top spot for 2012. And it’s bagged numerous awards at the Australian International Beer Awards, including Best Beer in 2011. So year in, year out, both critics and beer geeks across Australia agree that it’s number one.

So to help celebrate the annual IPA Day (slightly earlier than the true date of August 1st) I grabbed a four pack and settled in.


What’s on the bottle?

An angry pig, which one would assume is also feral. You can almost hear it screaming, ready to charge at you with all it’s fury. It sure does get me pumped up to enjoy some hops.

What’s in the bottle?

I could sum this part up by simply stating that there’s something magical in the bottle, but I’m sure you want a little more detail.

The aroma has a beautiful perfume, with a flowery sweetness accentuating the expected tropical notes. Pretty much perfect.

The taste is a mix of stone fruit, lychee, and a caramel/biscuity malt, that finishes with a sharp little bitterness that keeps prodding the tongue long after the final mouthful is gone. Again, pretty much perfect.

Even the mouthfeel is just right, somehow managing to be soft with just enough bubbles to keep the mouth buzzing. Yeah…perfect.

The most important characteristic of this beer is the balance. It’s a harmonious meeting of fruits, malts and bitterness. Nothing overpowers the other, yet everything is still prominent. Perfect.

Final thoughts

If I’m to be honest, I do prefer my IPA’s a bit ‘bigger’. But that’s me, and we all know that I’m kinda sadistic when it comes to hops. This isn’t one of those tongue melting IPA’s, not by a long shot. In fact I’ve tasted a few Pale Ales that pack more hop punch. However, the punch that those other beers are packing is often unnecessary. The Hop Hog allows you to, dare I say it, enjoy an IPA without the fear of ruining your palate for the next 3 days! I happily enjoyed the whole four pack in a single session, which ended with both my palate and my consciousness still fully intact. It’s one of those beers that you can look forward to after a long day of work, knowing that it’s going to give you just what you want,whatever that may be.

There’s one more thing makes this beer awesome – it’s now available at my local BWS and Dan Murphys, which means we all enjoy the taste of Australia’s best beer whenever we want…



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