Missing beers from the list – Hofbrau Maibock

The problem with searching for 1001 beers to try before you die, is that sometimes you’ll drink one without realizing it’s on the list! This isn’t so much of a problem if you’re simply ticking the beers off the list – you just need to remember to tick it off. But when you write a blog is based around finding these beers, you can sometimes find yourself scribbling random notes on beer coasters at the last minute, often when you’re not in the most ‘coherent’ state of mind. This happened to me a few weeks back during an afternoon drinking session with a buddy of mine.

After sampling a few ales at the Pig n Whistle riverside, we found ourselves at the Belgian Beer Cafe to see what Euro treats they had for us. One of the treats was their guest beer, the Hofbrau Maibock. It wasn’t until I was halfway through the glass that I thought to check my list, and found it on there. So, here is my extremely rushed and rough account of beer number 143 of the epic list, the Hofbrau Maibock.

Since this was a rushed effort, it doesn’t follow my typical ‘Drinking Notes’ template. I also accepted some help from my drinking buddy, who we’ll refer to as Mr. W…not sure I’ll be getting his help again though.

Me: There’s a real mollases kick, but it’s the alcohol that stars from the beginning. There seems to be some spicy hop notes, but it all gets lost in the alcohol burn. There’s no doubt that this is a high alcohol brew. (Note: turns out it’s 7.3% ABV)

Mr. W: It’s kinda like a woman’s tight skinny jeggings

Me: How is that relevant?

Mr W: It hides all until it’s revealed

Me: Ok then…

Mr W: Once revealed it’s big, bold and beautiful…but so is a hedge trimmer.

Me: The f*ck are you on about?! I think you’re done for the day buddy

(the middle part of the conversation is best edited out)

Me: There’s a nutty aroma as well

Mr W: Yeah, similar to the inside of the Normanby toilets

Me: Dude, that’s a little harsh

Mr W: Hey, I didn’t make the beer smell like a toilet

The conversation then descended into an argument until another mate showed up, and we forgot about taking notes. Probably for the best too.

Overall, I don’t remember this blowing my mind (scored a 2.5 on Untappd), but it wasn’t as bad as Mr W suggests. I definitely doesn’t smell like a toilet.

Interesting fact from the book

The Maibock style, an interpretation of the traditional bockbier, was first brewed by Hofbrau in 1614.


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