3 Monts

Here it is, the second beer from the list in two days…I bet you didn’t really think that was going to happen did you? It’s going to really blow your minds tomorrow when you get three in a row! (Although to be fair, there’s probably only a 50/50 chance of that actually happening)

Anyway, here’s beer number 149 from the epic list, from the French brewery Brasserie de Saint Sylvestre – 3 Monts


What’s on the bottle?
The most interesting thing about the bottle is firmly stuck in the neck of it. It’s the most hardcore cork I’ve ever seen on a beer, or even on a bottle of wine! There was an industrial sized staple holding the cork in securely, and the cork itself was so far down the neck of the bottle that I needed to use a corkscrew to set my beer free! Why must the French make things so difficult?

As for the label, it’s pretty rustic looking. There’s a windmill, there’s some fields, and a church on the hill. It’s nothing special, but certainly gives the bottle a farmhouse feel.

What’s in the bottle?
The aroma from the first glass is fresh and grassy with a little sweetness. The taste starts off with fresh grains, some fruit, and a bit of funk at the end. I’ll say that the fruit component is white grapes, which is further accentuated by the fact that tart white wine flavours open up as you go. It’s a pleasurable experience; warm sun on my shoulders, cool beer in my glass, with nothing to do other than write down notes about my experience…

Then I actually had a good look at the beer in my glass. I don’t usually mention the colour of beer, because I’m not great at describing colours.  But it was immediately recognisable what this beer looked like – piss. Really yellow, dehydrated piss, complete with the same fluffy white head that you get when…actually I won’t go there. And it was after this observation that everything started going sideways.

The white wine flavours were still present, but it started tasting like chardonnay that been left open for five days. Then the funk combined with the grain to create the odour of a grain silo, which made me feel like I was at work. By the final glass, the alcohol takes over and the other flavours are kind of lost. What started as a promising drink finishes a bit “meh”

Final Thoughts
This is definitely a beer that blurs the line between beer and wine. It was corked like wine, had similar flavours to wine, and you really shouldn’t attempt to drink a bottle of it by yourself in one sitting. It’s definitely something to be shared, not only because of the alcohol content, but also because the first glass was by far the best part. I enjoyed it, probably because it was cold and I drank it on a hot sunny Saturday. But in my mind I kept comparing it, probably unfairly, to the Saison Dupont that recently blew my mind. And that comparison unfortunately leaves the 3 Monts wanting.

Fact from the book…
The brewery was purchased by the current owners Grandfather in the 1920’s. But when their Grandfathers brother was taken as a prisoner of war, their father had to take over the running of the brewery. Why is this interesting? He was 16 at the time…try getting away with that these days


Love it? Hate it? Just want to drink it? Leave a comment below

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