Le Merle

Today is a day for celebration! Why? How many reasons do you need?

1. Its Friday. That should be enough of a reason right there, so go have a beer

2. This is the third post that I’ve done in as many days! That’s unheard of, so have another beer

3. The beer that I’m writing about today is number 150 off the epic list! This is something of a milestone, and enough reason to grab a third beer. And a fourth…

But before you run off and enjoy your Friday beers, you should probably read the drinking notes that have inspired your celebrations. The beer today is Le Merle, a Saison brewed by the folk at North Coast Brewing Company. It might just give you an idea of what you should be drinking first?


What’s on the bottle?
It’s time for Google translate again; ‘Le merle’ is French for ‘the blackbird’. So it’s appropriate that there’s a blackbird on the label. At least I think it’s a blackbird? The label itself is black, and the bird coloured shiny silver, which I’m pretty sure isn’t its natural colour. Unless it’s a cyborg blackbird?!

I have to mention the bottle as well, because it’s very cool. It’s 375ml, so a regular ‘stubby’ size, but it’s also corked. This means you get the giddy little thrill from poppin’ bottles without the fear of drinking yourself into a coma by consuming an entire 750ml bottle…it’s responsible and fun!

What’s in the bottle?
The first smell is sweet and fruity, with peach and pineapple lending a tropical presence. The same fruits are obvious in the juicy body, along with pear and rockmelon. A little dryness and spice at the end to finishes things off nicely. The biggest surprise is the boozy quality…more acurately, the complete lack of boozy quality. Considering this weighs in at 7.9%, that’s an impressive effort.

And…that’s about it? It’s pretty same-ish from begining to end, and if this was a shit beer then I’d consider that a bad thing. But it’s not a shit beer. It’s a great beer. Now I’m disappointed that it’s not a bigger bottle.

Final Thoughts
The final thoughts for this beer were pretty simple: hot weather and Saisons are a great mix. So go out and get a Saison as your first Friday beer. Unless you live somewhere cold, then just have whatever you feel like.

Fact from the book…
Contrary to the whole blackbird thing I mentioned earlier, Le Merle is actually named after the Brewmasters wife, Merle. He must have gotten some brownie points for that one.


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