Yep, bloggers can brew beer…

…and I’m not talking about just any beer; I’m talking about fresh, tasty, exciting brews that push boundaries and make people go wow! (ok, it helps to have a brewing mastermind behind the scenes as well)

Tuesday night saw the culmination of 3 months of planning, drinking, more planning, more drinking, brewing, even more drinking, and some hardcore social media flooding by myself and six other Brisbane based beer bloggers with our inaugural beer event – the #BacchusBeerBloggersSeries at Tippler’s Tap.

I won’t harp on about the event too much; needless to say it was a great night, and if you weren’t there you need to have a good hard look at yourself in the mirror and ask why you would deprive yourself of such awesomeness. We managed to get Tippler’s to capacity on a Tuesday night, which is an impressive effort considering we all originally thought that the event would attract about ten people (including the seven of us). People drank good beer, ate awesome food, and were generally merry. What more could anyone ask for?

Of course I was there with notebook in hand, with the aim of jotting down drinking notes about each of our brews. After all, I’d been waiting patiently for months to find out how all of our ideas turned out – and because that’s just what I do. So no more messing around. Here’s what you’ve been waiting for:


Chasing the Baron (Hopfendunkelweizenbock) – care of yours truly

I don’t want to sound biased here, but this really was the best beer of the night. Scratch that – it’s probably the greatest beer that has ever been brewed by anyone ever!

Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but that was how I felt on the night. I really was walking around like a doting father holding his newborn child, saying “have a look! Isn’t it amazing?! I love it, and you all should love it as well!”
The reason for my joy was simple – the beer had turned out EXACTLY like I wanted it to. A huge credit has to go to Ross for taking my crazy dream and turning it into a workable recipe that created a delicious beer.

It poured a dark murky chocolate brown (tick). The tropical Galaxy was the dominant aroma (tick), coupled with some bubble gum – actually, it’s very Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit. The dark chocolate (tick) and banana (tick) come through in the smooth body that runs over the tongue, finishing with a dry and slightly spicy (tick) bitterness (tick).

I’m happy to say that I received some really positive feedback as well, from both seasoned beer drinkers and relative beer novices. Admittedly there were some folk who weren’t fans, but when you decide to hop the hell out of a traditional German style of beer that’s been brewed using Belgian yeast…well, you’re bound to find a few people who just don’t get it.

Eau Rouge Flanders Rosella Ale – Liam and Ammo,

This beer was sour. I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to sours. But yeah, it was definitely sour. But once my taste buds acclimated to their new sour environment, everything began to sing; Rosella, oak, and some real tannin qualities created a beer that had a few red wine fans saying “This is beer? Really?! It’s great!” And by the end of my glass I was appreciating like a true wine snob would – and beginning to get a little sideways as well.

Side note: checking this beer into Untappd earned me my Level One ‘Pucker Up’ badge…so thanks team!

Pash Pils II ‘Twice the Pashin’ (Passionfruit Pilsner) – Cassie,

This was the second round of a brew that Cassie had created with Bacchus earlier in the year. It’s pretty much a glass of summer sunshine – it’s juicy, and fresh, and juicy, and refreshing, and juicy, ending with a decent bitterness…and plenty of passion. This is a beer that I want in my hand on a hot summer Queensland day.

This sold the most on the night, and was the first to sell out completely…so I guess you’d call it the peoples choice on the night (although there’s a chance that Cassie may have drunk about half the keg herself, which would have skewed the results).

Hair of the Blog (Imperial IPA) – Darren,

This was actually two beers in one – there was the ‘unedited’ kegged version (weighing in at an impressive 100 IBU’s) and a special batch that had gone through a supplement program, beefing it up to an incredible 250IBU’s! Of course, I ended up with one in each hand. First the kegged version – such a caramel hit! Surprisingly smooth, very tasty, and had everyone questioning where the 10.5% was hidden. This was my second fav of the night, because it’s the kind of beer that I’m naturally drawn to. Then I tried the 250IBU version – it was intense. Super intense. But strangely still drinkable. I had a chat with Daz, and he was pleased that the smoother version was kegged. And then I had another sip of the 250…ka-boom!

Hog Blog Grog (Bacon Maple Imperial Stout) – Jason,

I gave this beer its own nickname, the “makin baple Stout” – not because I thought that was clever, but because by the end of the night that’s just how I was pronouncing it. I got much more maple than bacon, which was a stark contrast to one of my female counterparts, who swore she got more bacon. t was big and ballsy, with the bacon and the maple accentuating and enhancing the flavours you’d hope from a massive Imperial stout, rather than changing it drastically. The crew at Tippler’s even ended up mainating their ribs in this bod boy the next night.

16 Perch (Brisbane) Porter (Mulberry Porter) – Jack,

This was the favourite of the bartenders. In fact they handed me a taster as soon as I arrived, they were that impressed with it. Which was lucky for me, because I’d stopped taking notes by the time I had a full glass of it at closing time. All I remember is a brief thought that putting mulberries in a Porter was verging on insanity. Then I tasted it, and quickly realised that it was actually a stroke of brilliance. The mulberries worked so ridiculously well in this beer! It was smooth, and tasty, and just all round good.

So that’s it, all our beers. A huge thank you goes out to Carl and the team at Tippler’s Tap for hosting and keeping all the people well fed. An even huge-er thank you to the team at Bacchus Brewing; Bill and Brendan for making sure we brewed everything properly and didn’t kill ourselves/blow up the brewery while doing it, and to head brewer Ross Kenrick, who not only helped conceive this event, but also came up with the recipes, provided the equipment and ingredients, organised to hold it at Tippler’s, kept the social media buzzing and uploaded all our beers onto Untappd (including our awesome works of art).

And lastly, thanks to all of my fellow blogger-brewers. Turns out we all kinda know what we’re doing. I hope we get to do it again soon.


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