Stuff you may have missed

Firstly, I must apologise for my recent disappearing act – it’s been 32 days since my last post! Oh the shame…

But there were a few valid reasons for my absence:

  1. It’s difficult to run a blog when your home internet access mysteriously disappears for 25 days straight (thanks again Optus!)
  2. I’ve been ridiculous busy with work, and since work pays the bills, it also takes precedence over writing any drunken ramblings on the net.
  3. I’ve been drunk for a lot of the time…really drunk. I know, that should actually IMPROVE a beer blogs output, but when combined with the first two points, it just leaves me feeling a little off my game.

But I’m back online and feeling human again! So here’s a quick update on a few of the more important things that have happened while I’ve been away.

New Logo

Chasing Ale officially has a logo. It’s an updated version of the Hop Shield used for the Chasing the Baron Hopfendunkelweizenbock, and I think it looks pretty hot. The shield is divided into four parts, with nods to my previous blog logo, my undying love of hops, and the worldwide quest that I’m on to try every beer off the epic lists – and bonus points to anyone who can figure out the meaning behind the letters “MI”.


The brand new hop shield. It comes on business cards as well. Hunt me down if you want one


Facebook Page

I finally have a Facebook page to call my own! So you should all definitely go and like it, because then you’ll can have access to…well, all of the same content that you can already see if you follow my blog/Instagram/Twitter already. Just go and like it anyway, I’ll stick a link up somewhere.

Noisy Minor Shout 2014


The beers behind the coaster are the new Imperial Red Ale ‘Admiral Ackbar’…”It’s a trap!”

You remember my post about the Noisy Minor event I went to last year? Well the lads did it again; same bus, same four bars, on the same day as last year. BUT they unveiled eight brand new beers to show us what to expect over the next year. Expect beers that mimic cocktails, beers that blur the line between beverage and curry, and massive IPA’s that don’t like being called ‘massive’. Also expect to visit them in their new digs on top of Mount Tamborine very soon, which we’re all looking forward to. It was, once again, an awesome day hosted by Jed, Jim and Ian, but it was definitely a little more restrained than last years effort. This was because most folk were saving their livers for…


Wow, where to start about Brewsvegas. It was the latest Brisbane based beer week, kicking off the day AFTER the Noisy Minor shout and wrapping up on the Sunday just gone. It really deserves a full blog post of its own, but unfortunately I was away on work for most of it so quick a paragraph here will have to do. Needless to say, it was an awesome week, the kind of week-long celebration of all things beer that Brisbane has long been searching for, filled with events that went far beyond the typical “inter-state brewery tap take overs” that were oh so common in the past. Think things like ‘Broga Beer and Bacon’, ‘Instagrammy Awards’ (for which I had a photo nominated – like my FB page for that one), and ‘Cab-beer-et & cans’. My personal favourite event was ‘Eau de Brewski’ – where Brewski on Caxton St hosted four different single hop pale ales brewed by Bacchus Brewing, matched with for different single hop colognes created by Damask Perfumery. Yes, I now smell like Nelson Sauvin whenever I go out. Big thank you to everyone who made Brewsvegas possible! Looking forward to next years events already.


Yes, this is the bottle of Galaxy cologne now owner by But mine looks the same

The epic list continues

Yes, I even managed to knock off some more beers from the epic list over the past XX days. Expect these posts in the coming days…or weeks…soon anyway.

There’s one more thing I should mention, something that I’ll reveal much more of over the next few weeks. I’m heading back to North America, this time to California! Watch this space


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