Beer Diary: Day 1 – BNE to LAX to Toronto


I’ve decided that I’m going to keep a day-by-day account of this years North America tour rather than trying to find time to do proper blog posts. Well, I’m going to try to anyway. If I miss a few days, just know it’s because the beer is reeeaalllyyyy good…

Monday 14/4: not much to say about today, other than it was looonnngggg (this Monday lasted about 38 hours for me) and not very beery. It’s difficult when your only choices on the 12 hour flight are XXXX, Heiniken, and James Boags. Granted, Boags is actually on the epic list, and I considered doing a #throwbackthursday for it, but those thoughts were quickly replaced by the urge to watch the movies ‘Sideways’ and ‘Training Day’ as preparation for my California part of the trip. (I now know not to drink Merlot and to always accept drugs of random gangbangers lest they believe you to be a narc)

Twelve hours later I touched down in LA…it was morning again, and my body clock was officially screwed. I figured breakfast would help. But since it was also kinda my dinner, I had a beer with it – a Golden Road Get Up Offa That Brown Ale. It was on the darker and maltier side of brown ales, which made it the perfect substitute for a morning coffee, and a sexy accompaniment for my breakfast burrito.

What followed was a four hour layover in LAX, then a four hour flight to Toronto. My brain kinda went AWOL at this point, so not much to say.

Touched down in Toronto, picked up by my mate who also presented me with a mixed six pack of Canadian ales, some of which are on the list – stay tuned for those babies.

The day ended in a college bar/diner for some ridiculously cheap and tasty burgers, onion rings and a glass of Mill St Tankhouse Ale. As good as I remembered it to be.

Welcome to Canada. Time to kick this jet lag and bring on day two!


Love it? Hate it? Just want to drink it? Leave a comment below

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