Beer Diary: Day 8 – Last day in Toronto. aka DRINK THOSE BEERS!


When my final day in Toronto began, I had six big bottles of beer left in the fridge. I’d promised myself I wouldn’t fall into this trap again (it happened a few times on the last trip), but circumstances out of my control led to one final day to consume these beasts, plus do some final sightseeing. I had a massive breakfast (thanks again Fran’s!) to prep my stomach for the alcoholic onslaught, then went back to the hotel to kick things off:

King Pilsner: I figured I’d start easy with a can of pilsner. This was a great call too; while the flavors were pretty damn light, there was definitely nothing offensive in there. Delicate honey malt, citrusy hops and a slightly spicy bitterness. Plus it was beer number 155 from the epic list. Nice

Propeller IPA: The next lightest beer in the fridge was an IPA, which put a huge smile on my face. I’d already had the Propeller DIPA earlier in the trip, and it was amazing. So it’s no surprise that their IPA was pretty damn good as well. The lighter malt backbone let more of the resiny/grapefruit/pineapple hop flavors shine through, with a lasting bitterness. So good, and number 156 from the list.

Propeller ESB: Another Propeller beer from the list (now up to number 157) and another standout. This was a true ESB, a malty beast that’s typically not my style. But the caramel and rum notes in the malt followed by a very tempered smokey bitterness won me over. Let’s face it, I’m in love with Propeller Brewing.

From there it was out to do some sightseeing. The Toronto Islands were the destination of choice. Travel tip: just don’t go there. I’m sure it’s nice in summer, but it’s a desolate wasteland in the off season, still filled with screaming children that have nothing to do other than randomly run into you. Back to the beers…

Garrison Grand Baltic Porter: This was the final beer in my fridge from the list, making it number 158. Smooth, bitter dark chocolate, dark fruits, a little roasty and quite boozy. Very boozy…

Garrison Saint Peter’s Belgian Style Strong Ale: Not from the list, so I didn’t take notes. But it was a great accompaniment to me watching the Wild win in overtime.

And that was it for me. Time to pack and head to Vegas!

Those paying attention will notice I had SIX beers in the fridge, yet I only drank five. That’s because the sixth was PBR. It happens to be on the list as well, but I’m sure I’ll stumble upon it again…


Love it? Hate it? Just want to drink it? Leave a comment below

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