Beer Diary: Leaving Las Vegas


I type this while seated at Las Vegas airport waiting for my flight to San Fran. It’s the first chance I’ve really had to just sit and gather my thoughts. I’m leaving today with the sense that I’ve missed out on a lot here, that I’ve barely scratched the shiny surface of Vegas to expose the grittier underbelly. Much of this is because I’ve been battling the flu since I touched down here on Tuesday, and haven’t been able to hit this city with the kind of gusto it deserved. I still saw and did some cool stuff though; walking the adult Disneyland that is the Strip, getting a little dirtier down at Fremont Street (FYI, don’t attempt that walk from the strip), being a part of a street magicians show, and seeing the epic ‘Prism’ show by the Jabbawockeez. It’s been fun, but yeah, I think I could’ve done better.

There was some beer thrown in there as well, all of which came from within the walls of the Venetian. I was swindled by clever marketing to try the Sam Adams Rebel IPA, which just wasn’t ballsy enough for what it was claiming. Then there was beer number 159 from the epic list, the Union Jack IPA by Firestone Walker. I had this while enjoying an awesome NY style pizza, so I didn’t take any notes per se. All I remember is that the beer was as good as the pizza, and something I hope to taste again in a more intimate way on this trip.

Then there was a second visit to the Public House; did I mention how awesome this place is already? Granted, I didn’t visit any of the other beer bars on the strip, but this place should definitely be high on the list of any visiting beer geeks. Due to limited time restraints, only two more beers were consumed on my second visit, though this would have been very different had I not had tickets to the Jabbawockeez that evening. The first beer was a 2014 version of a beer I tried in DC last year; The Bruery Sour in the Rye. It’s still a top drop, but based on my previous Untappd check-in, I didn’t enjoy it as much as last years version.

The final beer I had in Vegas was, rather appropriately, a beer brewed in Vegas – the Hop Box Imperial IPA by Joseph James Brewing Co. At 9.3%, it was a strong yet sexy little number indeed…

So that’s my Vegas experience done. Wasn’t what I expected, BUT, I’m fully prepared for next time. And there will be a next time 😉


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