Beer Diary: Day 12-14 aka San Fran and my broken palate


Tragedy always seems to strike at the most inopportune times – I guess that’s what makes it tragedy rather than just an unfortunate event.

My tragedy is this – I’ve touched down in San Fran, one of the best beer cities in the US, and the cold that I’ve been battling for almost a week has rendered my sense of smell and taste useless. I realized this while at the Giants game on Saturday…

…Quick side note, baseball is an awesome game to watch in person! I got right into the spirit as well, donning an official Giants SnapBack and a Buster Posey jersey (I’m claiming that’s why he hit the only home run of the game). The Giants won as well, which keeps my streak unbroken – every US sport I’ve seen in person, the home team has won. Which is going to make things awkward at the baseball game I’m seeing in LA, where the Dodgers are taking on none other than the Giants…

…anyway, there’s quite a decent selection of beers at AT&T park. I started with a Widmer Bros. Upheaval IPA, which I found to be watery with not a lot going on in the hop department. I checked it in to Untappd and found plenty of positive reviews for it, AND I earned a special badge just for drinking it?! Hmmm, something was amiss here. So I purchased a second brew, the Widners Hefe. It tasted…exactly the same, watery with not much hefe-iness at all?! And that’s when I realised my tragic situation – my palate was officially screwed.

I’ve tried two more beers since then, the Drake 1500 Pale Ale and the Anchor Steam Beer, and while my palate seems to be improving, it’s still not fully functioning yet. Hopefully a long bike ride in the fresh air and sun tomorrow will set things right

Also, if anyone from Widmers reads this, I REALLY want to try both the Upheaval and the Hefe again before I leave, with a fully functional olfactory system his time


Love it? Hate it? Just want to drink it? Leave a comment below

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