I’m back, and so is ‘Blind Leading the Blind’

After a few months’ hiatus, which included relocating to Brisbane’s Southside, and a month long hedonistic tour of Europe, I’m back! It’s time to breathe some life back into this blog of mine, and drink some tasty, tasty ale while I’m at it.

To begin this blog reinvigoration, I’m teaming back up with Brews & Bacon (a.k.a. piggy backing on his recent internet celebrity status) to continue our ‘Blind Leading the Blind’ beer tastings. Being winter, we’ve chosen Stouts as the next style that we’re going to test out.This time we’ve decided to introduce an interactive element to the process, allowing our dear readers to get involved. We’re going to get everyone to voice their opinion on what they think our baseline brew should be!

For those new to this:

  • The baseline brew is a relatively standard version of the style in question; something well known that epitomises what the style should represent, while also being readily available to the average drinker. Both tasters will have this beer as part of their tasting line up, so that we can gauge each set of results against the other

I’m also happy to get your thoughts on what a potential ‘trap card’ beer could be. Again, for the newbie’s:

  • Our ‘trap card’ beers are those originating from faux-craft labels, or that have a generally dubious reputation. Both tasters chose a single ‘trap card’ beer for the other, with the expected outcome that they’ll dislike and lambaste it. But there’s always the chance they’ll rate it highly, hence why it’s a trap…

So, what bottle do you find yourself reaching for when you’re chasing an archetypical Stout? Which stouts do you steer clear of from fear of being berated by your fellow beer geeks?! Any local or international brews will be considered, so long as it’s something we can easily pick up in Brisbane.

Leave your vote in the comments below, or on the Chasing Ale Facebook Page…in fact voting in both spots, and across both blogs, could easily get your opinion counted multiple times (there’s no way we’re dedicated enough to sort out who’s voting multiple times…)

Most popular choice wins, so let us know what you think!


2 thoughts on “I’m back, and so is ‘Blind Leading the Blind’

  1. I like to reach for Coopers Best Extra Stout but not sure if it could be classed as a benchmark?
    Maybe use Cascade Stout as a trap? Or if it’s stout/porter then the James Squire one?

    • Coopers almost made it as the benchmark, but the Dread just slipped in as popular choice. Jason and I did manage to both get the Cascade Stout as the ‘trap’ beer though…so well done with that call!

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